Meet our assistant trainers


Adrie van Helden is 63 years and part of  the Hemmers Gym Family from the beginning  in 1984. Adrie has been a boxer for already 47 years, has fought 124 matches and is a four times champion of the South Netherlands. At Hemmers Gym, Adrie is present a few times a week where he is assisting our members with lots of passion to teach them boxing skills and increase endurance.


Samir is Boukhidous was a professional Middleweight kickboxer and fought 45 matches of wich he won 37. Samir was WFCA Dutch and European champion and in 2008 was named Vlaardingen sportsman of the year. That title he used as an example for the youth. For three years now he is training at Hemmers Gym where he is assisting our members on the pads.


Priscilla Vergouwen is 31 years old and has been practicing martial arts for quite a long time. She started training at Hemmers Gym in her early youth and has fought 25 matches in B-class ladies. She is training our Junior and Aspirant members a few times a week. 



Tommy Dieckmann is 27 years old and a professional A-class fighter at Hemmers Gym. He has fought 45 matches of wich he won 35. Tommy is an allround assistant trainer and replaces Nicky when he is absent. 


Theo Douma is 42 years old and also a member of the Hemmers Gym Family since 1984 when he was just a little boy. Next to kickboxing, Theo has fought also as a K-1 figther, his first match in 2002. As a kickboxer he has fought 20 matches in A-class, from wich he won 16. Theo is taking care of our pads-training since 4 years with lots of passion and is present at Hemmers Gym almost every day. 


Filip Verlinden is 33 years old and started his kickboxing career at Hemmers Gym, as a little boy coming with his father who was training at Hemmers Gym. Filip is a professional A-class fighter and fought 60 matches, from wich he won 44. Filip is an allround trainer at Hemmers Gym.  


Aimen is 20 years old and thereby our youngest assistant trainer. Aimen has already fought 20 matches in the novices and juniors category. Aimen has lots of experience training youth and so he is training our juniors from 7 - 15 years old together with Abdul en Priscilla. 


Abdul is responsible for training our youth, together wil Aimen and Priscilla.