Nick Hemmers The Gym Owner

Nick Hemmers, was born 14 september 1988 and is the current owner from the Hemmers Gym and also the trainer and manager from the Hemmers Pro Team. Although relative young (28 year) Nick has been in the Sport his entire live. You could say he was born in the Gym. Nick is the youngest son of Cor Hemmers and he is the youngest brother of legendary fighter Ramon Dekkers. Carlo is the middle brother of the three brothers. Nick Hemmers himself was also an actively kickboxer and retired as A-class fighter in the lightweight division in order to continue his career as a fulltime kickboxing trainer. Coming out of this legendary Muay Thai and kicboxing family, Nick Hemmers took over the job to continue with the legacy and spirit of the famous Hemmers Gym.


After Highschool Nick went to the Sports Academy CIOS. (Central Institute of Education Sports Leaders in the Netherlands) and started as the trainer of the junior and aspirant members to continue in 2011 as the Headtrainer, Coach and Manager of the professional fighters team from Hemmers Gym. Nick Hemmers is assisted by 8 full-fledged assistant coaches.

Meanwhile Nick Hemmers has overall supervision of an by himself composed professional team which provides its services throughout the world and works in coöperation with all major Muay Thai and Kickboxing Organizations.