HistoryHemmers Gym

Hemmers Gym was officially founded and established in June 1984 in Breda, Netherlands by founder Cor Hemmers. The first gym opened in the Gasstraat in Breda and the associated fighters team has started under the name Gym Maeng Ho Breda. Maeng Ho was the name of the Rotterdam Gym from Martin Borneman. This was the Gym where Cor Hemmers began with Full Contact karate and was participating in his first professional Full Contact karate and Muay Thai matches. The pioneers of the first fighters team from Cor Hemmers included: Ramon Dekkers, Duc Nguyen, Maikel Lieuwfat, Kees Bezems, Silvio Zimmerman, Gerard van Tilborg, Marcel Wille.

After eighteen months the number of members was so grown that the Gym had to be moved to a larger location so that the group and the fighters team could expand. The Gym name was changed to Gym Hemmers Maeng-Ho.

The fighters team expanded with fighters like Luc Verheijen, Noel van den Heuvel, Andre Masseurs, Dennis Krauweel, William van Roosmalen, Bas Rutten, Peter Smit, Spiridon, Yilmaz, Daniele Somers, Harold Hagen, Gerald Zwane, Farit El Mousaoui etc. All athletes became at Hemmers Gym respectively Dutch, European and World Champion.

Hemmers Gym quickly became one of the best Gyms in the Netherlands and was known for his distinctive top fighters. Late 90's Cor Hemmers decided to continue with only a professional team and the Gym was sold. Cor continued renting the location of the new owner to continue with this professional team. There was a transfer plan with the new owner so the pro team from Cor Hemmers always could be complemented with new talent.

In 1998 The Gym and many historical relics end in flames trough a big fire. Team Hemmers then find temporary shelter at Boxing Club The Bredase Ring. Many of the first pioneers are already retired and Cor Hemmers is still training with a small group of professionals. Also Ramon Dekkers wants to do his farewell fight and Cor Hemmers decides in any case to continue until Ramon Dekkers has made his retirement fight. By then Cor Hemmers, also manager and promotor is invited to organise a MMA event in Aruba with Bas Boon who had contacts with the martial arts world by his martial arts video productions. Bas Boon and Cor Hemmers were partners together in a production company for Muay Thai and kickboxing TV programs, called Oriental Fight Promotions. In Aruba, a plan is formed to establish a management umbrella group for professional fighters.

A few weeks later Cor Hemmers is approached by the initiators to start with a profesional team for MMA. Cor Hemmers accepts the offer and the first fighter to be added to the remaining Hemmers Team is  Heath Herring from the USA. Cor is now also entering as a trainer in the MMA world. Later the Hemmers Team will expand with Chalid Arrab, Fatih Kocamis, Murat Chungkaev, Valentine and Alistair Overeem, Sergei Kharitonov, Olav Einemo, Stefan Leko, Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken, Semmy Schilt and so Golden GLORY is born and Cor Hemmers continues with his professional team under the new name Golden Glory.

The same year the Ramon Dekkers retirement fight is a fact and Ramon Dekkers symbolically bears the fighting spirit with the Golden GLORY torch over to the new team. From 2000 to 2012, the team grows, led by Cor Hemmers, to a world famous team. Meanwhile Cor Hemmers decides to open a gym for Ramon Dekkers. Cor Hemmers continues to train the professional team in the morning. At that point there are two teams called Golden Glory and Team Dekkers. The younger brother of Ramon and also the youngest son of Cor Hemmers named Nick Hemmers, at that moment 21 years old, starts also to work at Dekkers Gym and is taking care of the junior classes.

After two years Ramon Dekkers finally decides to concentrate more on giving seminars around the world, Nick Hemmers is taking over the Ramon Dekkers group and makes the restart with Hemmers Gym. Hemmers Gym from Nick Hemmers is then the leading gym for new talent for the Golden Glory Team of Cor Hemmers.

In 2012, Golden Glory is sold to a group of investors who want to establish a new kickboxing brand. At that time Cor Hemmers makes the decision to retire as an active trainer and manager. Cor Hemmers agrees to cooperate in the development of this new organization called GLORY. Nick Hemmers, still relatively young agrees to continue with Hemmers Gym and Golden GLORY called Hemmers Gym Golden Glory. Nick Hemmers to date is still the owner of Hemmers Gym and also Head trainer and manager of the professional Hemmers Team. Meanwhile, there is also a Hemmers Gym in Curitiba Brazil.